sloansmoans - you've been cucked, now eat your cum


sloansmoans - you've been cucked, now eat your cum
CUSTOM FOR JOE: It’s time for me to come clean. Babe… I cheated on you. I’m so sorry, i just, well, I had a moment of weakness. His cock, the way he fucked me… it was all so good, but I promise it won’t happen again. You want to know more details? Wait, are you getting… hard? Excited? Me telling you that another man fucked me is turning you on, I can tell now. Take your cock out and stroke as I tell you all the dirty details. Mmm, actually seeing your cock out makes me want to blow you, just like I did him. I suck and get sloppy on your cock as I tell you about how he fucked me raw. He came inside me too. But wait… I have one more secret: I want YOU to eat your own cum. Yes, that’s right, I want you to eat and swallow your cum as I feed it to you from my mouth. I want you to imagine it’s his cum that you’re eating. The cum of the man who I fucked and sucked… enjoy me, xo CEI/CUCKOLD/CHEATING/ROLE PLAY/DILDO SUCKING/CUM IN MOUTH/CUM FEEDING/DIRTY TALK

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