sloansmoans - watch her transform


sloansmoans - watch her transform
I come home startled to find you, one of my step-sons friends, at the house, without an invitation. I tell you to get out and you begin to call me a frumpy mess and tell me you don’t understand why every boy at school is obsessed with me. Now I’m interested in what you have to say. I demand that you explain yourself. You say that ever since I transformed from frumpy housewife to sexy MILF in front of your other friend, he’s been telling everyone and all the boys at school are obsessed with me. I’m less irritated as you tell me this. In fact, I’m amused. So you came here to witness my transformation first hand? Fine. Let’s see if you can handle me. I let the change start to happen, unlike before when I tried to stifle my transformation. I begin to transform into sexy MILF right before your very eyes. I tell you that you’ll never be the same. You’ll become obsessed with me as well. I’ll penetrate your mind and I’ll be all you can think about. You become mesmerized once the change is complete. I tell you that you’ll only jerk to me from now on. You’ll only get hard for me. You’re mine now and I tell you to tell all the boys where to find me in case they get curious too. You should have been careful what you wished for because now you’re my boy… enjoy me, xo TRANSFORMATION FETISH/TRANSFORM/FRUMPY/MILF/TABOO

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