sloansmoans - VIP private room seduction


sloansmoans - VIP private room seduction
Watch as I take you into the private room at a club. You’ve been watching me all night and I can’t help but want you all to myself. My plan is to seduce you. I start off by dancing sexily to an entire song. I shake my ass and feel up body and I can see that you’re getting hard for me. When the song ends I ask if you want more and of course you do, Daddy. I start giving you a lap dance and striptease, slowly, sensually, sexily. I keep eye contact with you as I’m on your lap feeling how hard you are for me. Once I’m down to my bra and panties I can’t help myself; I want you and I want you to have me. I strip down further as I tell you how much I want your big hard cock in my wet, warm pussy. I want to ride you now, in this room Daddy ,and you can’t say no to me. You love having a horny little slut all to yourself. I get on top of you and start grinding on your cock. Slowly at first to savor the feeling of your big dick stretching my pussy. I then start bouncing faster and faster. I’m dripping wet for you and I can feel you getting harder for me. I’m so close too and I want you to cum with me. I start begging for your cum. I want you to cum inside my pussy. Creampie me Daddy. Will you cum inside your sexy little club slut?… enjoy me, xo DANCING/STRIPTEASE/LAP DANCE/GFE/POV SEX

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