sloansmoans - time for tutoring 4k


sloansmoans - time for tutoring 4k
CUSTOM FOR ERIC: Watch as your teacher invites you over for a one on one tutoring session at her house. She greets you warmly and can tell you're a little nervous so she gives you a nice big hug to reassure you that she's here to help you. She's wearing a very revealing top, exposing cleavage and you can't help but sneak glances at her boobs. As she begins the lesson she notices this and scolds you immediately. She tells you that she might have to ask you to leave if you keep staring at her cleavage. But to your surprise she tells you that she's joking. She goes on to tell you that she actually wore this outfit because she knows you love her breasts. She admits that she actually brought you over because she wants to fuck you. She wants to fuck her attractive, sexy student. She talks dirty as she teases you with her big tits until you're hard. She then strips off her skirt and tells you to lie back so she can ride your cock. She rides you as her tits bounce in your face. She continues to talk dirty about how naughty it is for her to be fucking her student. She tells you she wants you to fuck her now so she gets on her back and you fuck her hard and good until she cums. She's shocked that you made her cum and now she wants you to feel just as good. She gets on her knees and starts giving you a blow job. She begs for her students cum and you give it to her all over her mouth and boobs like the good student you are...enjoy me, xo TABOO/ROLE PLAY/TEACHER STUDENT/DIRTY TALK/POV SEX/CUMSHOT

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