sloansmoans - the honeymoon you deserved


sloansmoans - the honeymoon you deserved
CUSTOM FOR TYLER: This is the 3rd installment of the “Gay Neighbor” series, however, this vid can stand alone as a once prudish/shy wife turns into a kinky little slut for her husband… Unlike the past, today I’m going to be an absolute, sexy, kinky slut for my husband and I WON’T be letting my gay neighbor take over my body. I want to do it all myself. My husband claims he’s had the best sex he’s ever had (unknowingly with our gay neighbor) but I’m determined to drive Tyler wild all on my own. I call for him to come into the room and tell him that I have a gift for him: the perfect, sluttiest, honeymoon he never got. I remind him of the vanilla sex we had on our honeymoon but I assure him that all that has changed since “we’ve” been having mind blowing sex recently. I tell him that I’m going to give him what he deserved a long time ago. I allude to my previous “possession” just by hinting at how this time I’m feeling “so much more like myself”. I can tell he’s excited for me. I reveal my bright red lingerie that matches my stockings and lipstick perfectly, something I’d never wear in the past. I tease and dirty talk as I slowly and sensually strip off my lingerie. I playfully giggle at times because it still feels a bit strange for “the real me” to be acting this slutty. I ask him to fuck me like the little slut I am and I continuously ask him is he’s enjoying himself during our fucking. He starts pounding my pussy so hard (doggystyle POV) and after a few minutes I’m already creamy and dripping wet. I present my wet pussy to him and continue to seduce him like a real slut. He fucks me more (missionary POV) and I’m so shocked when he has to slow down because he’s already about to cum. I know I’m doing so well and that I’m so close to being “the best” he’s ever had. I genuinely enjoy this rough sex and I know exactly what I need to do to milk his cock: ride him (cowgirl POV). I mount his and talk about how I love being a slut and how I’m his new and improved kinky wife. I take his cock and I bounce and bounce with the intention of taking his cum. I start begging for a creampie and I actually want it. I need it. I beg him to give me the biggest creampie he ever has… and he does. After some pillow talk I call up my gay neighbor to fill him in on the event that took place. I thank him for teaching me his ways and kindly tell him that he won’t be fucking my husband any longer… enjoy me, xo GFE/WIFE/ROLE PLAY/HONEYMOON/LINGERIE/STRIPTEASE/POV SEX/DIRTY TALK/SUBMISSIVE SLUT/TRANSFER FETISH

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