sloansmoans - teasing my tiny


sloansmoans - teasing my tiny
Watch as I open my drawer and take you, my tiny little man, out to play. I hold you in my hand and lift you over my head before I tease you with my breasts and my mouth. I kiss you and lick you. I’m sweet and loving, but I know that I have the power to crush you, eat you, do anything I want with you. I put you down and show off my ass and pussy as I strip for you. I tell you where I could fit you and what I could do to you but… I’m more concerned with the fact that I’m hungry… and you are my tiny little snack now. There’s nothing you can do about it. You’re all mine… enjoy me, xo VORE/GIANTESS/FEMDOM/STRIPTEASE/MOUTH FETISH

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