sloansmoans - stealing and seducing 4K


sloansmoans - stealing and seducing 4K
Watch as your wife invited a bunch of her employees to your house for a summer bbq. One particular employee has always held a jealousy about your wife.  She has a great leadership role at a big company, has a lot of great jewelry, nice house, perfect loving husband etc. Anyway, you find this employee in your bedroom going through your wife’s jewelry and you confront her. She tells you not to leave the room or call the police and claims that this isn’t what it looks like. She starts out sweet and tells you that this is no big deal and she’ll put back all the jewelry. Except one necklace she has on she can’t seem to take off and she asks you how good you think it looks on her as she steps forward and shows off her cleavage. You make it clear that you’re happily married and go to leave once again but now she turns dominant and starts telling you that your wife is such a bitch for having “the perfect life”. This upsets you and you go to leave the room again but since she sees this dominant tactic isn’t working she switches back to a sweet demeanor and apologizes profusely for her behavior. She asks you for a glass of water and she takes her cardigan off because she’s getting warm. She tells you that she is envious of your wife and that she really doesn’t behave like this usually. She tells you that she’ll do ANYTHING to have you keep this little incident between you two and she says this in a very seductive tone. You tell her again that you’re married and this makes her frustrated and she ends up throwing the water all over your pants. She immediately apologizes and she says she’s so sorry and goes to help you clean up your pants, but as she’s rubbing your crotch she unzips your pants exposing your rock hard cock! Now that you are in a vulnerable state she takes advantage of her position. She begins to tease and seduce you about how you’re hard for her even after repeatedly saying that you’re married and happy. She exposes her tits and tells you that she wants your cock just as much as you apparently want her. She becomes more assertive at this point and she tells you that she wants to ensure that you won’t deny what’s about to happen later so she takes selfies with your cock around her mouth and lips as evidence. She starts to suck you off as she teases and you and talks dirty about you’re actually cheating on your wife. She slaps your cock on her tits and gives you a titty fuck until she decides that she wants to fuck. She wants to ride your cock.  She gets on top of you and rides you as she continues to taunt and tease you and after a few minutes she tells you that she wants you to fuck her. You bend her over and fuck her hard and her ass shakes around your cock. She demands you to cum deep inside her pussy and you can’t help yourself so you do. After the deed is done she puts her panties on and laughs at how she ruined your faithfulness to your wife. She grabs her dress and gets up telling you that sh...

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