sloansmoans - Sshhh, it's just a dream


sloansmoans - Sshhh, it's just a dream
I come to you as you lay in bed. I place my hand around your cock. Sshhh, step-son this is just a dream. I kiss you constantly as I stroke you up and down. You’ve always dreamt of this moment. This is your wildest dream, your fantasy. You sigh and moan as my lips and tongue linger on your mouth. You love the feeling of your step-mom’s hand around your cock. I keep jerking you. I keep kissing you. It feels so real, doesn’t it? Let go, release, relax, just feel… enjoy me, xo TABOO/POV HANDJOB/KISSING/MAKING OUT/TONGUE/FACE FETISH/DREAM

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taboo mommy roleplay kissing face fetish handjobs