sloansmoans - shrunken classroom


sloansmoans - shrunken classroom
Watch as I become a sexy science teacher who holds a very rare class where I shrink the entire class to ant size. I show up to class and inform my students that they are about to experience a once in a lifetime class session: sex education. I scoop up the class into the palm of my hand, they are extremely small and helpless compared to the size of my mouth. I tease them a bit with my mouth and tongue and pretend to eat them. I tell them it was only a joke and that they will have an amazing session. I strip naked and make sure none of them are hurt or scared. I then show them how to give a blowjob, show off my bare soles, ass and pussy and show them how I ride my dildo. Soon after, I ask the class if they would like to see the inside of my pussy. All the male students quickly say yes, so I pull out a test tube and insert the students who volunteered. I shove the test tube deep inside my pussy after several tries because my wetness kept pushing it out. I get extremely horny and decide to change up the agenda. With a handful of the students deep in my pussy, I decide to scoop up the rest of the students and put them all on a banana with whipped cream. The students are now scared as I slowly open my mouth wide and suck them off the banana seductively. I’m too horny to control my actions and decide to swallow all of them. This makes me orgasm and the test tube with students gets pushed out of my pussy. I’m petrified that I ate most of the class and start to panic on what to do next. With the remaining students inside the test tube, I tell them that there can be no evidence of any of this. With that, I insert the test tube back deep inside my pussy and leave the classroom. Enjoy me, xo VORE/GIANTESS/MOUTH FETISH/STRIPTEASE/FOOD PLAY

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