sloansmoans - seduced by your college crush


sloansmoans - seduced by your college crush
We are at a party where I seduce you, even though you know you’re attached. You try to resist, but I get what I want. We used to go to the same College years ago and you had a crush on me, but never acted on it. I realized this, but I was one of the ‘cool’ girls and always got what I wanted. Although I was nice to you, you were quite shy around me. We haven’t seen each other for years until this party. Eventually, I say hi and remember who you are. We talk for a while and I gradually begin to seduce you by very subtly playing with my hair, gliding my fingers across my clothing, until eventually I bring my fingers to my lips. I slowly lick around the tip, before beginning to suck on my finger slowly, in a seductive way. I can see this is making you nervous. I tell you not to be shy, that I’ve always liked you and I take you to a place more quiet. I strip for you and at first you are mesmerized but then you get nervous and start to leave but I grab hold of you and start kissing you. You try to resist, but gradually you succumb to my advances. After a while, we move onto the bed. I give you a sensual and sexy blowjob. This goes on for a while before I then climb on top of you and ride you until I climax. I want you to feel just as good so I return to a blowjob and this time I’m more vigorous and fast. I keep going until you eventually I explode all over my soft lips and face. Enjoy me, xo HOME-WRECKING ROLE PLAY, TIT WORSHIP, MOUTH FETISH, FACIAL, CUMSHOT

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