sloansmoans - nanny loves cum


sloansmoans - nanny loves cum
CUSTOM FOR NICK: Watch as your sitter sips cum and seduces you. I start by giving you a hug and ask how school was today as I sip on a glass full of cum. You ask what it is and I explain how my diet is purely semen from boys like you, and I need a lot to keep my sexy figure. When the glass is empty I'm still hungry and ask you to help me out. You’re a bit nervous, but I tell you how much fun it will be! I start giving you a blowjob and talking dirty about how I love sucking boy cocks that I sit for and how much I love cum. I even take a few selfies to sent to my gym friends. I get more and more into it and it leads you to give me a messy facial. This pleases me and makes me even hornier so I ask you to fuck me. I pull my leggings down to my knees as you fuck me in missionary. I’m sweet and encouraging and tell you how much I love youthful sperm swimming inside me. I tell you how much I love being your sitter and that I want my insides painted white with your sperm. I tell you that my friends at the gym would love you too and that I’m going to bring them over so they can come play with us too. I beg you for a cream pie and joke about impregnation. Once I’m full of your cum I ask you to pull out and cover me with the rest of your hot load. You listen to me like a good boy. Once I’m absolutely covered in cum I tell you that we need to shower before your parents come home… enjoy me, xo ROLE PLAY/CUM SWALLOWING/CUM FETISH/TABOO

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