sloansmoans - manager becomes the entertainment


sloansmoans - manager becomes the entertainment
I'm the manager on duty tonight at the hotel and we keep getting complaints from a particular room. It's up to me to deal with the situation and when there's no answer from the people inside I let myself in. Big mistake. I'm stripped, and humiliated in the worst way. I'm dressed in a G string, money shoved at the waist, a banana stuck in the front, hair a mess, white stuff all over me- I became their entertainment for the night! They let me out finally and I just stand there for several minutes, stunned, trying to cover myself, not knowing what the fuck to do... enjoy me, xo ROLE PLAY/WORK ATTIRE/HUMILIATION/BANANA/MESSY/MONEY/G STRING

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role play wet & messy humiliation money fetish business