sloansmoans - making you my footboy


sloansmoans - making you my footboy
CUSTOM FOR RONNIE: Watch as I’m laying in bed one day, relaxed and horny, I begin sucking on a dildo. You’re my roommates friend and for some reason I know you’ve spying on me. I catch you looking at me now and I can’t help but think that you have a foot fetish because you’re constantly staring at my feet and toes while I’m around you. Even though I find it creepy that you’re spying on me now I’m intrigued and decide to make you my footboy out of this revelation! I decide I’m going to completely ruin you. I call you over and tell you that you better tell me the truth and if you do, things could work out well for you. I ask you if you have a thing for my toes as I flex and curl and point my toes in front of you. I continue to suck the dildo and ask you if you’d like to see my toes dripping in oil. I tell you that I’m doing to keep spreading and pointing my toes for you and if you can keep your cock from leaking in your pants I may just let you drip your cum all over them. I tell you that my goal is to make you dream about my toes all day and all night long. I lay in several different positions and continue to tease you with my feet. I surprise you and tell you that since you’ve lasted this long without losing your load I want you to cum all over my toes. I start giving the dildo a titty fuck as I beg for your cum and you end up soaking my toes with your cum… enjoy me, xo FOOT FETISH/FEMDOM/DILDO SUCKING/PAINTED TOENAILS/CUM ON FEET

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