sloansmoans - making mommy your wife instead


sloansmoans - making mommy your wife instead
I love you so very much, son. So much so that I think about you while I masturbate. I plunge my fingers into my pussy as I cry out for you and the thought of you makes me cum quickly. I can’t help myself… One day i’m in the kitchen and see you come home iwth the biggest smile on your face. You tell me you have news and I listen eagerly but when I hear the words come out of your mouth I’m in shock. dissapointed. angry. Saddened. You’re getting married? I tell you your making a mistake but ultimately know it’s your life. I walk away in a fury. I run to my bedroom and tell myself that I must do soemthing to stop this. I’m so emotional at the thought of some skank trying to take you away from me. I must do something big. I go through several outfits looking for something to wear- something you won’t be able to resist. It needs to be perfect… later on I call you to my room and tell you that we need to talk. I tell you again how wrong she is for you, that she doesn’t deserve you. I go on and on until finally I confess that I think your needs can be met here at home. I slowly tell you that I can fulfill your needs, yes, even your sexual desires. I take off my robe and reveal my sexy lingerie underneath. I tell you to look at me, look how hot I am, look at my boobs you used to suck on. You can’t say no to me. All of a sudden I’m on top of you, grinding on your cock, telling you to keep fucking your mommy. I’m all that you need. You don’t need her. I talk dirty as I ride you until I slow down and get serious. I wan’t you to promise you’ll leave her. She can’t fuck you like mommy can. You agree and I ride faster and harder begging for your sperm, begging you to make me pregnant. i want your seed, son. Fill mommy’s pussy. Make me your wife. Of course, you cum inside me like a good boy. I thank you and immediately grab your phone to call your girlfriend. I tel lher whats happened, how she lost and it’s over between you two. I don’t think she belives us so I send her a pic of my pussy but still, that’s not enough. I tell you we need to make a video to send her. I get on my knees and take your cock in my mouth as i record myself blowing you. I tell you to cum to prove that you love me and I catch you cumming in my mouth on camera. It’s perfect. I send the video and tell you that our life together begins now… enjoy me, xo TABOO/MOMMY ROLE PLAY/DIRTY TALK/POV SEX/DILDO SUCKING/FEMDOM/ROLE PLAY

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