sloansmoans - long time friends make love part 2 4K


sloansmoans - long time friends make love part 2 4K
CUSTOM FOR ZACH: PART TWO. If you haven’t seen part one, I highly recommend you check it out for the backstory. The scene begins with your friend sitting on the ledge of the bathtub, legs spread, pussy dripping and ready to be fucked. She tells you how wet she is for you and how turned on she is. You start to have sex with her and it quickly turns into a hot and heavy and very intense fuck. She moans and cries out your name as she talks about how good it feels for you to be inside her. Her pussy is sweet and warm and tight and you can’t stop fucking her. In fact, she asks you not to. She begs for you to continue pounding her pussy until you cum deep inside her. She wants your cum, every last drop of it. She gets closer and closer to an orgasm as she begs for your cum and once you do she climaxes as well and her body shakes, losing control she falls back into the water as she cums. Once she catches her breath she tells you that you gave her the best orgasm of her life. She begins putting on her wet clothes as she talks about how she wants to be with you and only you. She tells you how much she appreciates you and how happy you make her. She realizes she’s put her wet clothes back (silly her) so she takes them off once again. She asks you to stay and watch her get dry. You say yes and watch as she pats her body down with a towel sensually. She puts on dry clothes in front of you and you love her hair so much that you want to watch her blow dry it. Of course she lets you. She smiles shyly as she blow dries her hair and after ward she invites you to bed and seals your time together with a kiss… enjoy me, xo GFE/HAIR FETISH/DILDO FUCKING/WET & MESSY/WET T-SHIRT/BLOWDRY/ ROLEPLAY

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