sloansmoans - human laundry machine


sloansmoans - human laundry machine
Watch as I start my Saturday morning chores. Laundry is first on the agenda. I sigh at the amount of soiled items that need cleaning. To my dismay, I find that my washing machine in not working! As I'm standing there contemplating what to do I realize that my fluffy pink robe needs a wash as well. This gives me an idea...I walk to my bath and fill it with hot water and decide to use it as a human washing machine with myself in it! I put in the detergent and throw in all the laundry and step in wearing my pink bath robe. I slowly sit and lay down to get a good soak in. I add more soap to my bath made washing machine. I pour the liquid soap all over myself and let it drip along my face and robe. I want to be extra clean so I add even more. I love being completely drenched in soap, mmmm. I begin to rub and slide the laundry all over me and then push and pull the items roughly like a washing machine would. I scrub myself harshly as well to make sure that I get extra clean. Once I’m satisfied I let the water drain and rinse myself and the items off. For some reason I have the urge to feel like a queen so I wrap my hair in a soaking wet towel and put my soaked robe back on. I’m feeling quite smug that all my laundry is done! Enjoy me, xo WAM/WET AND MESSY/BATHTUB FETISH/HAIR WASHING/BUBBLES

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