sloansmoans - homewrecking sis-in-law fucks you raw


sloansmoans - homewrecking sis-in-law fucks you raw
Watch as I’m your wife’s sister and I came to live with you and your wife for a while. You and I have been sneaking around and fucking for a while but tonight you’re laying down next to her as she’s in bed not awake and I wake you up by stroking your cock. You’re surprised that I’m rubbing your dick so I put my hand over your mouth and tell you to be quiet. We don’t want her to wake up. My intent is to blackmail you into fucking me raw. Every time we’ve hooked up we’ve used a condom a condom but I want to feel all of you. You’re hesitant but I start to seduce you and your protests get weaker and weaker. I begin to give you a sloppy blowjob and by then you’re so hard and turned on for me. I keep looking to my sister to make sure she’s still not awake as I suck your cock. I’m so horny for you, my pussy is dripping wet and I can’t wait to have your bare cock in my pussy. I get on top of you and start fucking you (cowgirl POV). I cum quickly because I was already so excited. I keep riding you and I tell you that I want you to cum in my pussy. I know you’re still nervous about it but I tell you that you don’t have a choice. We end up coming together and nearly get caught… enjoy me, xo TABOO/ROLE PLAY/HOMEWRECKER/SENSUAL DOMINATION/FEMDOM/DIRTY TALK/BLACKMAIL/IMPREGNATION/DILDO SUCKING/WET AND MESSY/POV SEX

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