sloansmoans - good girl gone bad


sloansmoans - good girl gone bad
Watch as I play a neighbors daughter. I come knocking on your door in my school uniform. I ask if I can use my WiFi, the internet is down at my house and I have a web meeting in just a few minutes. 
You allow me in and show me to a bedroom to use. 
I close the door but leave it partly ajar. I seductively strip out of my schoolgirl outfit and put on a thong, stockings and heels. I open my laptop and start to cam. I hear the door creek and turn to find you. As I am caught I begin to seduce you in a naughty femdom way. I sway and model my body for you as I instruct you to jerk off to me. You obey like a good, loyal puppy. I take control of you and end up riding your cock for my pleasure. I command you to climax as I jump off of you and jerk you off. I then laugh because unbeknownst to you I recorded our entire interaction. I tell you that I’m going to send the video to EVERYONE unless you allow me to come over whenever I please to use your wifi and cock as often as I desire. You really don’t have a choice… enjoy me, xo FEMDOM/JOI/COWGIRL POV

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