sloansmoans - girlfriend shrinks you


sloansmoans - girlfriend shrinks you
Watch as your girlfriend confronts you about finding giantess porn on your phone one day. You think she's going to be upset but to your surprise she isn't. In fact, she seems excited and intrigued by this. She tells you she actually has a surprise that the both of you will enjoy. She hands you a vial and you obediently toss it back. You wake to find yourself as a tiny, shrunken man below her. She's devilishly aroused at how small you are and she begins to tease you with her body. She towers over you and shows off her big ass. She then gets closer and makes comments about how she could easily take over you with her ass. She's only teasing though. Or is she? She pulls her top up and exposes her large tits and tells you that she wants to stick you in between, but she'll be so careful not to crush you. Or will she? She then decides to pick you up and see how tiny you really are. She is so surprised by how excited she is at your shrunken state. She starts having you rub her pussy and you slide into her as she rubs her clit hard and fast. She compares you to her favorite dildo and tells you that you better work extra hard to bring her pleasure. She is having lots of fun with you and she decides she wants to take you everywhere she goes, but where will she keep you? In her mouth? in between her tits? Why don't you find out... enjoy me, xo GIANTESS/VORE/FEMDOM/ROLE PLAY/GFE

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