sloansmoans - GFE: i know you better


sloansmoans - GFE: i know you better
CUSTOM FOR PAUL: Watch as your ex comes over to check on you after you’ve been ignoring her calls and texts. You both have new partners but have stayed friends and she often comes over to hang out with you. This evening she lets herself in and plops down next to you on the bed. She knows you’ve been feeling out of it, a bit blue. She is understanding and sweet as she she tells you that she also gets a bit depressed sometimes too but now with both of you having Type A partners, they just don’t understand. You both relate on this and she begins to scoot closer telling you exactly what you need to feel better. She just, gets you. She tells you that she’ll be there for you and hold you, no questions asked, but the intimacy begins to grow. She leans towards you and kisses your lips gently. She misses you. You miss her. You kiss passionately until she tells you that she needs to feel even closer to you. She takes her pants and panties off and coaxes you towards her. You intuitively get on top of her and you start fucking her. It’s sensual, it’s hot and heavy and you’re both so wrapped up in each others arms, just like old times. (Missionary sex hand-held POV). You both get closer to climaxing and she begs for your cum. She wants you to cream pie her and her pussy feels so good that you fuck her so good until you drain your balls deep inside of her… enjoy me, xo GFE/SENSUAL/CHEATING/IMPREGNATION/CREAMPIE/POV SEX/POV KISSING

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