sloansmoans - GFE: a ghost goodbye


sloansmoans - GFE: a ghost goodbye
It’s been several months since I’ve passed and you’ve fallen into a deep depression. You toss and turn as another restless night lies ahead. But you feel something near, a warmth, a presence. So you open your eyes and you find me lying in bed beside you. I can tell you’re in shock, you don’t know if you’re dreaming or not, but I assure that I’m real. At least, as real as I can be now that I’ve crossed the plane of existence. I tell you that I’ve come from the “other side” to say my final goodbye. We talk a bit, reminiscing of our past. We grew up together, we were best friends, like siblings almost. As we grew into adulthood we were so careful to ignore the romantic tension that was building between us. And for what? For it all to end like this? You are overcome with sadness and are about to cry so I comfort you by telling you to lay your head on my chest. You change the subject, asking me about the afterlife, to which I do my best to respond to. It’s rather hard to describe to a human. You then lift your head and look into my eyes. I know there’s something you want to say and you hesitate before admitting to me that you’ve always loved me but never had the chance to tell me. I tell you that in “the before time” I loved you too. But see, things are different now. I’m different. I’m a bit cold and aloof and it’s because I can no longer feel anything. I had to leave my feelings behind in order to fully cross over. This breaks your heart even further so I reach down and begin jerking you off. I ask if this makes you feel better and you say yes. I lean forward and kiss you passionately as I jerk you and after a little while I turn onto my back and spread my legs. I ask you to taste me, but you say no. You tell me that you want to make love. I tell you that it’s wrong for us to do that. There’d be no point because the purpose of sex is to create life and I’m a ghost… unable to get pregnant. This saddens and upsets you and I can’t bear to see you distraught so I decide to give you the ultimate gift. We have sex in missionary and cowgirl POV. All the while I’m telling you loving and bittersweet things that heighten your senses because I need you to “feel” for the both of us. We kiss throughout and as your arousal heightens I tell you to let go. Release into me. I don’t have much time and we both know that the end is near. You cum and I sadly ask if you finished, to which you reply “yes.” I ask you to hold me after our sex and give you my final goodbye and a final kiss before I’m gone forever… enjoy me, xo GFE/LOVING/GHOST/GHOST FUCKING/SENSUAL/EMOTIONAL/PASSIONATE/ROLE PLAY/POV KISSING/POV SEX

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