sloansmoans - gay neighbor borrows my body


sloansmoans - gay neighbor borrows my body
CUSTOM FOR TYLER: Wife: Watch as I’m talking on the phone to my gay neighbor. He’s been hounding me about swapping bodies with him for quite some time now. He really wants to fuck my husband, Tyler, and honestly I wouldn’t mind letting his husband fuck me. I finally agree to the body swap BUT I have two rules: 1. I don’t want Tyler to cum in my pussy while he’s in my body and 2. I want my gay neighbor to act like me in the bedroom. I’m not very adventurous (and a bit prudish actually) and Tyler will know somethings up if we don’t have quick vanilla, missionary sex as usual. The switch takes place as soon as I hear Tyler come home from work. Gay Neighbor: Yes! The switch worked! I’m so excited to finally fuck Tyler, he’s the hottest guy on the block and I must have him. Ha, I promised his wife I’d follow her rules, but FUCK THAT! I’m having Tyler my way. I call him into the bedroom and immediately begin to seduce him with my sluttiness. I purposely act like such a little slut. He deserves someone who is sexy and wild and that’s what I’m going to give him. He is so caught off guard that his cock gets instantly hard for me. I strip as I continue to tell him how sexy and hot he is. He’s nearly bursting out of his pants he’s so excited for me. I tell him that I’m going to ride him like no one ever has. He lays down and I stick his cock inside “my” pussy and he feels so damn good. I continue to drive him wild with my teasing and slutty talk, I can tell I’m making his dreams come true. I start telling him that I want him to creampie me, that it’s his lucky day. I ride him faster and harder until he starts cumming inside me. It’s the best feeling I’ve ever felt but it’s quickly over as the transformation wears off… Wife: I’m extremely confused to find myself ON TOP of Tyler? That’s not right. I see Tyler looking up at me with the most satisfied look on his face. He’s on cloud 9, I can tell. But my confusion takes over when I feel his cum seeping out of my pussy. I ask him why he would do such a thing, but he’s confused because he claims I begged him for a creampie. WTF! Unbelievable! I’m so upset but try to play it off. Tyler then tells me that we just had the best sex we’ve ever had and I’m baffled and upset, but again, I try to play it off. It’s time to confront my neighbor… enjoy me, xo TRANSFER FETISH/GENDER TRANSFORMATION/ROLE PLAY/POV SEX/DIRTY TALK

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