sloansmoans - frumpy housewife turns sexy milf


sloansmoans - frumpy housewife turns sexy milf
Watch as you’re my step-son’s best friend who drives me completely crazy. You’re lazy and annoying and I come home to find you laying on the couch doing absolutely nothing, as usual. I walk in frumpy and nerdy looking and begin to scold you, telling you what a bad influence you are to my step-son and how I’d gladly pay you to stop being friends with him. In the midst of my scolding I realize the full moon has come up and I become very nervous and tell you that you need to leave immediately. Of course you don’t listen and watch as my geeky outfit becomes tight and sexy. My bust increases and I cross my legs awkwardly as I continue to try and scold you but the transformation is taking over and I start to compliment you and tell you how attractive you are. My outfit and demeanor continues to change and at the very last second I tell you that I can’t fight it anymore as I completely transform into a hot, sexy MILF. I tell you how good it feels to be free and that every full moon I change from a frumpy housewife to a bangin’ MILF. I notice you are aroused by the transformation and I tease you sexily and encourage you to jerk off… enjoy me, xo TRANSFORMATION/TRANSFORMATION FANTASY/MILF/STEP MOM/ROLE PLAY/JOI/CUSTOM VID

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