sloansmoans - dominant sister and submissive daughter


sloansmoans - dominant sister and submissive daughter
Scene one: Your sexy, slightly dominant sister surprises you at your home wearing a very naughty outfit and a seductive look on her face. She just heard that your divorce got finalized and came to, uhh, check on you. She admits that she hasn’t been around much in the past because she fucking hated your ex. But now that she’s out of the picture, she’s here to take care of you. She knows what you want and what you need. She dirty talks about the naughtiness of what she’s doing as she undresses and touches herself. She confesses to have always wanted to suck your dick so she does. It’s so naughty but it feels so good. She can’t take it anymore so she begs to fuck you. She rides your cock as she begs to be your new wife until you cum inside her pussy. She shows off the mess you made inside her as she tells you how happy she is about being your new wife. Your daughter will cope these changes, she’ll make sure of it… Scene two: your sister leaves and your daughter comes barging in. She’s angry, upset and hurt. She tells you that she knows what you did. She heard you fucking your sister and she’s appalled. How could you, dad?! In the midst of it all she admits that since it was just going to be you and her living at the house she thought maybe… you two would get closer. But she feels as though you don’t love her the most now after what you did. You ask how you can make it up to her and she confesses that she actually became aroused at hearing you fuck. She tells you that she wants you to pick HER. She asks you to fuck her. She lays on the bed and spreads her legs for you. You fuck her tight little pussy hard as she begs to be your wife. She then starts begging for your cum. She wants you to impregnate her and breed her to prove your love for her. She wants to prove that she’s ready to take care of you by taking your daddy cum deep inside her… no one can compare to her anyway… enjoy me, xo TABOO/ROLE PLAY/DADDY’S GIRL/FEMDOM/POV SEX/CUM ON PUSSY/CREAMPIE/IMPREGNATION FANTASY/SISTER ROLEPLAY/ DAUGHTER ROLEPLAY/SUBMISSIVE SLUT/DIRTY TALK

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