sloansmoans - dirtiest, nastiest joi


sloansmoans - dirtiest, nastiest joi
CUSTOM FOR TONY: Watch as I provide you with the dirtiest, nastiest, smelliest joi. I’ve worn my panties and socks all day long and I’ve gotten them so nice and smelly and filled with my scent just for you. I start off sitting on my bed sucking on a lollipop (that’ll be important later, hehe). I know you’re hard for me and ready to stroke your cock as you sniff and taste my dirty panties and socks. I strip out of my shorts and panties and show you how dirty I’ve gotten my panties for you. I came in them earlier today and they are stained with my juices. I tell you to smell them and taste them as I drool on them and stick them in mouth to tease you. I want you to rub your face and your cock with the panties that I dirtied just for you. I tell you that I’m going to dirty them even more while you’re in front of me. I’m going to fuck my pussy and you will stroke to the rhythm of my fucking. I want to get all my cream all over every bit of these panties. I start masturbating in a few different positions all while I rub my panties against my asshole and soak up all my pussy juice as I continue. Meanwhile, you’re jerking your cock and smelling my scent. I know you can’t take it anymore and you want to cum for me so I decide to grab that lollipop again and stick it in my pussy for you. I then stuff my panties into my pussy to coat them up real nice and juicy while I simultaneously stick the lollipop up my ass and beg for you to cum for me. Will you cum hard for me? The answer better be yes ; ) enjoy me, xo DIRTY TALK/DIRTY PANTIES/SMELLY SOCKS/JOI/LOLLIPOP/SPIT FETISH/PANTY STUFFING

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