sloansmoans - daughter's panties, wife's ass


sloansmoans - daughter's panties, wife's ass
CUSTOM FOR JORDAN: Watch as I’m your wife and currently trying to get pregnant so I tell you we need to have sex but we don’t have a lot of time so you need to cum quick. I ask you what would turn you on the quickest but you avoid the question. I then tell you that I have a confession to make: I’ve been looking at your browser history and notice you’ve been watching only daddy/daughter porn. I ask if you’re into that and you say yes so I take it one step further and ask if you would like it if I role played as our daughter. You say yes. I leave the room and come back in pigtails with a pair of our daughters panties. I make you smell her panties and say “smell our daughters ass on these panties” You obey and then I make you worship and smell my ass while calling you daddy. You get so hard and horny thatI I know you’re going to cum fast once you finally fuck me. I then tell you to fuck me (missionary POV sex) and you come quickly inside me. Now I know how naughty and nasty my husband is… enjoy me, xo TABOO/DADDY DAUGHTER/ROLE PLAY/PANTY FETISH/ASS WORSHIP/ASS FETISH/FEMDOM/IMPREGNATION

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