sloansmoans - daddy's weakness


sloansmoans - daddy's weakness
I'm on the phone talking nasty to you when our daughter walks in crying. I must tend to her so I quickly hang up and ask her what's wrong. She's reluctant to tell me but finally admits that her friend recently got a pony and well, she wants one too. I find that gift to be a bit ridiculous but tell her to ask you, her father, to see what you think. But that's the problem: you've already said no. I tell her that I'm sorry but you're a stubborn man and that your "no means no", there's nothing I will be able to do to change your mind. Well I mean... there is one thing, but no way, I can't possible teach her those tactics yet! She begs and pleads with me to tell her how to get her Daddy to change his mind. I finally cave. I knew this day would come. I will teach her how to get anything and everything she wants. Daddy seems like such a strong, secure man but the reality is he is weak. And this weakness of his is a perversion so dark and depraved that his daughter will soon have complete control. The themes in this vid may be unsuitable for some audiences, viewer discretion is advised enjoy me, xo TALKING/SFW/GROOMING/DADDY'S GIRL/FEMDOM/WIFE ROLE PLAY/MOMMY ROLE PLAY

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