sloansmoans - crunching your tiny friends


sloansmoans - crunching your tiny friends
Watch as I’m a sexy, sinister giantess goddess who is the ruler of all shrunken men. I love completely dominating them. I spot a you, a tiny man, on my floor who seems to have lost his friends. I pick you up and put you aside and “help” you look for your little buddies. Sadly, it’s not your lucky day… because I’m going to CRUNCH them under my boot when I find them. As I pick them up one by one I tease them in various ways and take my time crunching them to smithereens. I’ve had my fun so I decide to let you go. I pick you back up and tell you to run along as I walk away. HA! Just kidding! I come back and step on you, squishing and crunching you with my boot. Better luck next time… enjoy me, xo GIANTESS/VORE/FEMDOM/YOGA PANTS/BOOTS/LIPSTICK/FEMALE DOMINATION/CUSTOM VID

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