sloansmoans - cleaned by machine in a dream


sloansmoans - cleaned by machine in a dream
I got a new job as a carwash attendant and it was a busy day indeed. It's pretty late right now. I'm home. I go lay on the couch to watch some tv before I go to bed. I only have a black bikini on. I notice a carwash commercial on the tv: 3 girls went through the carwash in their bikinis… hmmm, interesting… finally I close my eyes and begin to dream… In my dream, I see myself laying on the front window of my car, at the carwash entrance. I’m excited at the thought of going through the carwash, I start to take my bikini off… The car slowly drives further and I smell, hear and feel the wetness of the carwash machine. I get turned on for some reason… I’m so eager to go through! The cycle begins: pre-wash- A carwash attendant (me) begins to wash/rub me for the pre wash as I still lay on the front window of the car. I sigh and lightly moan in pleasure. It feels so good and soft and a bit soapy… I like it… rinse- I get sprayed down at the start of the machine. My face and chest and hair get nice and soaked. Mmmm, I love the feeling of the cool water splashing me. Further into the cycle, remember those Mop look alike slapping things that go over through the window? Yup, they also go over me! I slap it slowly over my face multiple times. While this happens, I smile! I love being slapped iwth the wet cloth, I’m getting more and more turned on! soaping - I see the soaping rainbow mitters coming up. I smile and can't wait to be soaped/rubbed in. I slap slowly the drenched soaped Mop multiple times over my face, pour soap over my face, and slap slowly again. I love the feeling and the smell of being so soapy! rinseoff and brushing- After I’m soapy, I get sprayed down again. Now the brush goes over my head multiple times, to rub ithe soap in hard. After this, the water soaked in mop comes again slapping multiple times over my face. Mmm, I love this… drying- The end is near. Only the drying part remains. 2 girl attendants (not shown) dry my face with some chamois. I dry myself gently, going over my face, hair, chest really good. At the end, I smile. Before the cycle fully ends, unexpectedly, one of the carwash attentdants starts rubbing a wet chamois cloth over me to make me cum, like a happy ending! After I cum, I wake up out if excitement and, gosh, I feel happy and calm! I realize it was all a dream… WAM/WET AND MESSY/SOAP/HAIR WASHING/WET LOOK/CAR WASH FETISH/CAR/BIG TITS

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