sloansmoans - cheating cheerleader


sloansmoans - cheating cheerleader
We're at a party and I follow you into a secluded room. I can tell you're trying to take a break from the party going on but I use this private moment to seduce you. Your stupid, bitch girlfriend isn't around to take care of her man so I step in. I dance for you, strip for you, suck you off and ride you all while using my cheerleading charm. I talk bad about your girlfriend and tell you how much better I am than she is. I suck you and fuck you like a REAL cheerleader should. I bounce my tits and lift my arms over head as I cheer for you, Daddy. You're mine now. And to prove it, I call your girlfriend so she can hear me fucking you. GO-DADDY-GO! (During this clip I made up a cheer and totally forgot the letter "a" in the word I'm spelling. Sorry if this is distracting!) enjoy me, xo ARMPIT FETISH/HOMEWRECKER/POV SEX/COWGIRL/TITS BOUNCING/DILDO SUCKING/CHEERLEADER/AHEGAO/CUM BEGGING/FEMDOM/BIG TITS

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