sloansmoans - brothers sloppy seconds


sloansmoans - brothers sloppy seconds
We were out partying tonight- you, me, and your brother… aka my boyfriend. I caught you checking me out at me all night but of course I went home with him. He fucked me raw over and over again and by the 4th round my pussy is overflowing with his cum. That’s when I stop by your place. You’re surprised to see me here but deep down you know you want me and there’s no way you’re going to deny me. I tell you of this fantasy I have: to have sex with both brothers on the same night. I want you to take his sloppy seconds, fuck me raw, and fill me with your cum. My pussy was just used by your own brother and I want you to mix your cum with his. I show off my dripping pussy and you can’t wait to use the same hole your brother used not even ten minutes ago. I spread my legs for you and you push into my pussy. You love that your brother stretched me out and lubed me up with his cum. You fuck me and I’m so turned on, I can’t believe you fuck me better than he does. I talk dirty to you until you finally blow your load into my pussy, making my fantasy come true. I show off my cum-filled pussy and tell you that you can expect this to be a regular occurrence. I’m going to want more… enjoy me, xo CHEATING/SLOPPY SECONDS/CUM IN PUSSY/CREAMPIE/DIRTY TALK/POV SEX

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