sloansmoans - becoming addicted to me


sloansmoans - becoming addicted to me
CUSTOM FOR RICHARD: Watch as the the clip beings with a full view of me; my face down to my heels, I’m looking directly at you. I begin speaking to you. I tell you that I know you’re envious of the fictional character of my last video titled “Mindfucking my step-dad”. You wish you were him. I tell you that I used NLP on him, conditioning him to listen to my mesmerizing voice, focus on my luscious lips, and then watch me masturbate my heels. This technique made him so weak for me and I can tell that it will work perfectly on you too. In fact… Richard! Snap out of it! Listen to me before you lift off onto a cloud of desire… During this mindfuck here’s what I do to you: 1. Make you completely addicted to me by captivating you with my words. 2. Condition you to masturbate to me 24/7; spilling your seed as a tribute to me. 3. I use the phrase “good boy” to weaken you and enslave you. 5. Look directly at you as I speak sensually and maternally to you. You can’t resist me… are you ready to meet your next addiction? Enjoy me, xo SENSUAL FEMDOM/CONDITIONING/FOOT FETISH/PANTYHOSE/TALKING/SFW

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