Destinationkat - New SWAT Trainee


Destinationkat - New SWAT Trainee
You've been detained by the SWAT team and they place you into a dark room. A new SWAT member walks in and introduces herself. This is her first case and she plans to make you talk! She interrogates you... but her methods are a bit... non traditional. She mixes in dirty questions as she goes. You still aren't talking, so she has to move onto more intense measures... such as a strip search and a beating... but she seems to have these mixed up in her head and ends up doing them to herself while telling you how horrible it is that she has to do this to you. After this, you still don't talk, so, she yet again moves onto more serious measures. This time it's an internal cavity search! She checks both of her holes by fingering her pussy and her asshole. You still don't talk, so unfortunately she has to call for help. Includes: Dirty talk, ditzy / bimbo / dumb blonde talk, anal fingering, vaginal fingering, spanking with a stick, stripping, and more.

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anal role play fingering spanking blonde