Destinationkat - Custom Video Clothing, Toys, & More 9/23


Destinationkat - Custom Video Clothing, Toys, & More 9/23
Last Updated: September 23rd 2022 Your faves may have a new number! Be sure to check and see! Note that some items such as hair or etc may require extra fees! Be sure to check this before you'd like to order a custom video- this has all of my lingerie, toys, etc. This will also be updated as we go, the updated date will be at the beginning of this description. If you have an questions, feel free to ask. If what you're wanting isn't shown here, we can also arrange something via tip to cover the necessary item(s). There are some clothing items that are just examples of my wardrobe. I may not have the specific item shown, but will have similar in most cases. **None of the items shown in this clip are for sale! When they are, they will be crossed out and then will be added to my store for purchase * Custom videos:

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