Ashley Alban - Your Weak, Little Balls


Ashley Alban - Your Weak, Little Balls
As you lie on your back and Ashley is about to give you a blowjob, she starts to play with your balls. They’re so vulnerable, aren’t they? She could just pop them so easily and you wouldn’t be a man anymore. How can you be so weak. As she says this, she sees that your dick is growing hard. Does this turn you on? Do you like being weak and pathetic like this? Ashley could destroy your balls so easily. She smiles. She likes being in control like this. Since you like her ass so much, she turns around and straddles you reverse cowgirl. She starts to bounce against your balls, squishing them with her ass. You better watch out or she could just pop them with her ass cheeks. She loves this feeling of power. She want to make you her slave. Ashley decides that she wants to cum but she doesn't want to let you. She sits on your face so that you can lick her pussy. As you lick, she takes your balls in her hands and continues to threaten them. You better make her cum or else you’ll be a ball-less loser! You lick her pussy as she continues to tease you until she cums. She considers popping one of your balls anyway just for fun. She squeezes it but decides that she’ll let you keep your balls for now.

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