Ashley Alban - Your New Years Resolution


Ashley Alban - Your New Years Resolution
Ashley is sitting, looking quite bored when she finally notices you. She asks if you have had a good holiday. She asks if you have any resolutions for the new year. You tell her that you would like to lose some weight and maybe get a promotion at work. She says that those are good ideas, but they shouldn’t be your main focus. Ashley says that you’re such a loser, you need a better motivation. Since you love watching Ashley’s videos, and obsessing over her perfect body, she can be your motivation. The more you worship her, the more attention she will give you. She wants you to worship her by emptying your wallet, because that way, everyone wins. If you feel like getting some fast food, instead, just give Ashley the money you would have spent. You can lose weight, get healthier, and make Ashley happy. You should definitely work harder and try to get a promotion. If you give all your excess money to Ashley, it will just motivate you to work even harder to earn more. If you do this, you won’t be a loser anymore. Ashley can show you her tits and her perfect ass. You can worship her and her body and it will make you a much better person. Ashley looks forward to you worshiping her this year.

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