Ashley Alban - Tinder Date


Ashley Alban - Tinder Date
Ashley is feeling a bit lonely and horny and decides to try out this Tinder thing. She finds a cute guy and invites him over her place. She feels a little weird fucking a stranger, but that's what this app is for, isn't it? She starts off sucking his dick. She's apprehensive at first, but quickly gets into it. She's missed having a cock in her mouth! Once his dick is hard and covered with her spit, Ashley turns around and pulls down her panties. She straddles him and slides his dick deep in her pussy. Ash bounces up and down on his dick and finally works up the courage to tell him what she really wants: anal. As she rides, she starts to lube up her asshole. She slowly slides his big dick into her ass. It feels so good! Ash continues to ride him until she cums and then tells him to finish all over her face!

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