Ashley Alban - The Stripper Wants a Facial


Ashley Alban - The Stripper Wants a Facial
You pick out a stripper to go into the Champagne Room with you. She smiles and slowly removes her robe. She starts to dance and takes off her bra. She turns around and rubs her ass against you, giving you a lap dance. She can feel your cock growing hard. Although she is not supposed to, she gets completely naked. She continues to dance and decides that she can’t help herself. She asks you if you would like a blowjob. How can you refuse? She pulls your dick out and starts to suck you. The stripper deep throats you like a good slut. You love it. Your dick is hard and throbbing. You can tells she is really turned on by it too. She asks if she can use a vibrator while she sucks you. She grabs it from the corner and masturbates while continuing to suck your dick. She stops and admits that she really likes facials. She tells you that she will really cum hard with your load on her face. You jack off and cum all over her. With your load dripping down her cheeks, she grabs her vibrator and uses it until she cums. After, she giggles and starts to lick the cum off of her lips.

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