Ashley Alban - The Enslavement of Princess Leia: Part 2


Ashley Alban - The Enslavement of Princess Leia: Part 2
A few months have passed since we have last seen Leia. She has finally resigned herself to her fate, although she still holds out hope that she will be rescued at some point. As she is being fucked by some random smuggler, her mind begins to wander. How many men have fucked her now? It must be in the hundreds. Leia sighs. Most of the guys are disgusting, like this one. She plays with her hair absentmindedly as he pounds away. He manages to hit her g-spot though and she can’t help but let out a moan. Leia thinks that it’s not so bad to try to enjoy it as much as possible. She soon cums and he ejaculates on her. After he leaves, Leia has a moment to herself. She wonders who will be the next patron. Leia hears someone at the door and when she looks, she is stunned. She cannot believe that Lando is standing in her room. Leia is ecstatic. She asks him what the plan is and if Han and Luke are ok. Lando doesn’t say anything though; he drops his pants. Leia doesn’t know what to say. She thought he was here to rescue her but he just wants to fuck her. He tells Leia to get on all fours and he slides inside of her. His dick is big. Even though her pussy has been stretched out a lot by the many men who have fucked her, his dick is still too big for her. After a bit, Leia starts to get into it. Leia even thinks to herself that he is so much bigger and better than Han. She loves his big black dick. Lando fucks Leia hard until he cums all over her ass. Leia asks if he knows anything about Han and Luke but he remains quiet. Leia understands. Lando wants to be able to keep coming back to fuck her. Well, thinks Leia, at least she can look forward to having his big dick inside her again

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