Ashley Alban - The Ass-ASS-ination of Julia Caesar


Ashley Alban - The Ass-ASS-ination of Julia Caesar
In an alternate universe where there’s a Julia instead of Julius Caesar, she finds out about her assassination plot in time to prevent her end on the Ides of March. Feeling invincible, she is excited to see her lover Brutus visit her quarters. Julia is completely unaware that Brutus was part of the senators’ plot, so she suggests a little intimate time to relieve her stress. She begins to tease him by pulling down her toga to show off her breasts, and then turning around to bounce her ass. Feeling frisky, Julia tells Brutus that she wants him to fuck her ass today. She gets on the bed, and spreads her cheeks to wink her cute little asshole. He begins by sliding a finger in. It’s tight, but Julia wants him to ravage her. After a bit of a warm up, she tells him that she is ready for his dick. While she is shaking her ass not paying attention, Brutus pulls out a [dildo] dagger, ready to avenge his fallen conspirators and finish the plot! As he stabs into her asshole and she moans, confused as to why his dick feels so….solid. Her ass is tight so she must not be able to handle his hard dick. He thrusts into her more, and she finally looks to see Brutus’s betrayal. Well, she wanted her ass ravaged, and it feels kind of good, so Brutus continues to fuck it until she cums.

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