Ashley Alban - Step-Sis Facesit


Ashley Alban - Step-Sis Facesit
You hear a weird moaning coming from your step-sister’s room. You peek in and you find her grinding against her teddy bear. You’re not sure what to make of the scene, so you stand there frozen. She eventually turns around and jumps in surprise when she sees you. She yells at you and asks why you didn’t knock on her door. You say that her door wasn’t closed all the way and you ask her what she was doing. She says that obviously she was practicing riding her teddy’s face. She explains that she has a date with her boyfriend coming up and he said that he wanted her to ride his face. She says that she never tried it before so she wanted to practice a bit. She then bashfully asks if it looked like she was doing it correctly. You say that it seemed ok. She then asks if you wouldn’t mind watching and giving her some pointers. She says that it’s the least you can do for creeping on her before. Your step-sis straddles her teddy bear again and begins to grind against his face. You tell her that it looks good to you. She then takes off her leggings and ask you how it looks with just her thong on. You tell her to lift her butt up a bit so that he would be able to lick her. She does as you say and shakes her ass too. You can’t help but get turned on. She stops suddenly and asks if she can practice on your face for a bit. She wants to make sure she gets the pressure right. You lie down in the bed with her and she backs her ass up onto your face. You love the view. She then asks if you could taste her pussy for a sec. She wants to make sure it tastes good. She stands over you, slides off her thong and gives you a little dance. Then she gets back on top of you and you slide your tongue up and down her pussy lips. Before you know it, she’s bouncing her ass on you and you’re licking and tongue fucking her until she cums. After, she can’t believe that you guys just did that. But, she says, it felt so fucking good

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