Ashley Alban - Sister Sucks Brother When Husband Gone


Ashley Alban - Sister Sucks Brother When Husband Gone
You are visiting your sister and her husband because you haven’t seen them in a while. Your sister comes in and wakes you up. She tells you her husband has already left for work. She asks you what you want to do today. Your sister doesn’t understand why you would visit if you’re just going to sle ep all day. Maybe that’s why you don’t have a girlfriend. She says that she feels bad for you and wishes that there was something she could do to help you get out of this funk. She is only wearing a robe and she sees you looking at her cleavage. She covers herself up at first and then changes her mind. Maybe you just haven’t had any experience with women lately. Maybe that’s all you need. Your sister takes off her robe and is only wearing a bra and thong underneath. She gets on top of you and removes the comforter. She asks if you want your sister to suck your dick. She takes your dick out from your pj bottoms. She starts to suck you and asks if you like having your sister suck your dick. She continues to suck you until you get close to cumming. She jacks you off until you cum right in her mouth. She shows off the load to you before swallowing it all.

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