Ashley Alban - Sissify You


Ashley Alban - Sissify You
You arrive at Ashley’s house before the party and you find her still getting ready. She tells you that you can sit and watch her finish applying her make up if you really want to. Ashley asks you why you like watching her put on her make up so badly. It isn’t the first time you have sat next to her. She thinks it’s kind of odd. Most guys would just go watch TV in the living room. She eyes you and says that you really aren’t a manly man. Maybe you’re so obsessed with her make up because you want to wear some! That must be it. Ashley says it’s ok if that’s the case. You would make a much better sissy than a man. She begins to go over how she would remake you into a good sissy. She says you need to learn how to do your make up. She explains how you should do it. Then she tells you that you need to so something with your hair. Short haircuts are too butch. She has an idea. She rummages around in a drawer and finds a wig of long, silky hair. She tells you that you can borrow it. She tells you to find a nice dress, pantyhose and heels to wear. She says she can even teach you how to be a good slut and suck dick! You’ll make the perfect girlfriend once you’re a little sissy.

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