Ashley Alban - Sissies Wear Panties


Ashley Alban - Sissies Wear Panties
You like being a good sissy boy for Ashley. You do whatever she says, even if she makes you eat your own cum or be a good little sub for her. If you really want to be dominated, and you want the woman to wear the pants in the relationship, you need to wear the panties. Go find a cute pair of panties to wear while you jack off. Ashley goes through her own panty drawer to give you some ideas. You should find something really girly, like a pair of pink lacy ones Ashley has. Now that you have your panties, put them on. Does that feel good? Do you like how the soft panties feel against your cock and balls? Now, pull your dick out and start stroking it. Ashley is going to teach you how to be a good sissy. She knows it turns you on thinking about it. When you start to get close to cumming, Ashley tells you to take off your panties. She tells you to hold them under your dick as you jack off so you can get your cum all over them like a good slut!

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