Ashley Alban - She Will Own Your Wallet: Part 2


Ashley Alban - She Will Own Your Wallet: Part 2
Good, it seems like you want to see some tits. Once the escort is satisfied with your payment, she slowly lifts up her shirt, revealing her perfect, round breasts. She completely takes off her shirt and asks if you like them. She already knows the answer of course because she can see the the boner poking through your pants. She tells you that you may take your cock out and stroke it. She plays with her tits while telling you that you will have to be a good boy and keep her happy if you want more than this next time. And what do princesses need in order to be happy? Money and nice things. You’ll keep your princess happy, won’t you? She continues to encourage you until you cum. She says that she enjoys owning your dick and wallet. She tells you to make sure that you’re prepared to pay more if you want more during the next session.

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