Ashley Alban - Red Light Green Light JOI


Ashley Alban - Red Light Green Light JOI
You go over to your girlfriend’s house once afternoon but she isn’t home so you decide to hang out and wait for her. Her younger sister Ashley comes in to talk to you. She is really starting to develop. Her breasts and ass are getting very big, but she doesn’t seem to realize that yet. She is so naive. She begins to talk to you and suddenly admits that she knows that her sister helps you out with your condition. She says she knows you need help releasing all the excess fluid from your lymph nodes and seeing your sister’s healthy body helps you do it. You are very confused until you realize she must have seen you jacking off while her sister stripped and danced for you. Ashley says that she wants to help you feel better too, so maybe you guys can play red light green light. Ashley holds up a pair of green panties and says “green light.” She turns around and starts dancing slowly. She says that she’s getting warmed up and you should too. You are mesmerized by her ass and can’t help but take out your dick to start stroking. After a bit she says “red light” and holds up red panties. She says she wants you to have regular breaks so you don’t get tired out. Soon she says green light and turns back around and starts doing squats. Ashley continues working out to help “inspire” you to be healthy like her and giving you breaks in between. The entire time she encourages you to massage and stroke yourself. When you cum, she is really happy that she could help you feel better. Ashley says that if you ever need anything again she is here to help.

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