Ashley Alban - Quickie Leggings JOI


Ashley Alban - Quickie Leggings JOI
Ashley is back from the gym and she is looking for something to wear to the party tonight. As she bends over, rummaging through her drawer, you find yourself getting turned on looking at her ass in her leggings. She turns around and catches you staring at her. She puts her hand on her hip and asks you why you aren’t getting ready for the party. You tell her that you want to have sex. She rolls her eyes. She says she definitely doesn’t feel like having sex since she is tired and sweaty after working out. She sighs and tells you that you can just jack off to her. You like her in her gym clothes anyway, right? This is better than you watching porn anyway. She turns around and starts to show off her ass to you. She pulls down her leggings and makes her ass jiggle. She doesn’t know why you always get horny at the worst times. She continues to tease you with her ass but she eventually becomes impatient. She tells you that you need to cum so she can shower. She tells you to jack off onto her leggings so she can just throw them into the laundry. She gives you a countdown from ten and tells you that if you want to cum on her, you better do it by the end of the countdown.

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