Ashley Alban - Pimping Out My Cumslut


Ashley Alban - Pimping Out My Cumslut
Ashley is bored of you always coming over asking for jack off and cum eating instructions. She’s bored of you. Why do you like eating your own cum anyway? Are you secretly a faggot but you’re too much of a pussy to actually suck a dick? Come on, Ashley knows that’s what you really want. She won’t judge you. But, if you want to keep eating cum all the time, Ashley decides that she needs to put you to work. She tells you that she will be your pimp, and she’ll send you out to suck dick for money. That way, Ashley gets paid, and you get to eat as many loads that can fit in your belly. Ashley notices you getting hard just thinking about this. She tells you to pull your cock out and start to stroke while she tells you how she will make you her hooker. She continues to encourage you to jack off. When she sees that you’re close, she gives you a countdown, telling you to cum in your mouth!

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