Ashley Alban - Mrs. Claus Dominates You


Ashley Alban - Mrs. Claus Dominates You
As you sit on your sofa on Christmas Eve, you are surprised to see a woman suddenly appear in your room. She says that she is Ms. Claus, and that she is here because you have been bad this past year. Since she is wearing lingerie, you’re excited thinking that maybe you can fuck her. She reads your mind and laughs at the assumption. She tells you that you can prove that you’re good by pulling out your dick and doing whatever she says. You think this is the next best thing to fucking her so you do as she says. You begin to stroke your cock as she shows off her sexy body to you. She tells you that your problem is that you’re addicted to watching porn and jacking off. She teases you and says that you can’t fuck her even if you wanted to because you would probably cum immediately if you had sex with a real woman. She tells you that she wants to go slowly to help you build up your tolerance, and makes you stop stroking if you get too close to cumming. When you tell her that you can’t hold off any more, she gives you a cum countdown from ten. When she gets to the end of the countdown, however, she makes you take your hand off your dick and calls you a bitch. She completely ruins your orgasm! She laughs and says that this is your punishment for being a bad boy. She reassures you though that if you are really good this coming year, she’ll return one year from now and give you the best orgasm of your life

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