Ashley Alban - Moms Pussy


Ashley Alban - Moms Pussy
You're depressed because your girlfriend broke up with you and you refuse to get out of bed. Your step-mom comes in to check on you to see how you're doing. She tells you that you shouldn't worry about your ex. Girls just don't know what they want at that age. You say that you're never going to get laid now, and that's why you're so upset. Your mom sighs and says she wishes she could make you feel better. She thinks for a moment and then comments on how you've grown and look much more like a man now. Perhaps she could help give you inspiration to jack off. It won't be the same as sex, but it'll be better than nothing. She begins to strip and both of you are clearly turned on by this. She tells you that you need a real woman to show you attention. Mom begins to rub her pussy as she straddles you while you stroke your dick. You two cum together and it feels amazing! She looks embarrassed though, and tells you to promise to keep this a secret.

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